Finding Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and its merchandise

Where to read and watch YKK?

YKK was never officially translated, so we rely on fan translations. Read on to the next section if you are interested in buying untranslated media!

The current best English scanlation for the manga is Yugen's by far. You can download the scanlation on Yugen's website, or read it online on MangaDex.

For the anime, both OVAs are conveniently viewable on YouTube at the moment. Higher-quality downloads can be found around the web -- feel free to ask on Discord for guidance.

Where to buy YKK merchandise?

Danger's collection
Danger's collection
Danger's collection

This section summarizes DangeresqueIII's reddit guide with his permission.

As you will be buying from Japanese websites, remember to search for the Japanese title ヨコハマ買い出し紀行.

Here are Danger's favourite sites to buy YKK merch.

Many items do not ship outside of Japan, so you will need to use a proxy service such as Jauce, or Here are Danger's pointers for Jauce:

List of YKK merchandise

This section is copied from DangeresqueIII's reddit guide with his permission. Click on the links for pictures.